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Financial Planning:
The process of taking the stress out of money.

Stocks on a Screen

Investment Management

Carlson Planning Company is different. We match evidence-based investing with a holistic financial planning approach. If you would like to get started, you can create an account below. Once you sign-up for our investment platform, someone on our team will reach out and schedule a demonstration to walk you through the platform.

Individualized Portfolio

Low-cost portfolios designed to meet each client's specific investment goals


Automated rebalancing and trading

Easy to Use Dashboard

Simple, intuitive client interface including performance reporting


Live updating of financial goals and progress reporting

Expert Advice

Regular communication from Carlson Planning Co.

Officially Backed

Assets custodied at Betterment



We believe that everyone needs and deserves a quality financial plan and investment advisor. Therefore, we do not have asset minimums in our firm.

Made for Main Street

We've designed our program to help everyone in our community. Whether you're just starting out, preparing for a large family expense or looking to retire, we can help through each chapter of your financial life.


It's important to serve our local community. We were founded on the need to help our neighbors become financially independent, healthy, and prosperous.

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